Get back your Bitcoin Cash on Segwit address sent by mistake


Fee: 10% of the recovery amount.

To get back your Bitcoin Cash on Segwit address, you need to prepare following information:
* Segwit address you sent Bitcoin cash by mistake;
* Public key for this Segwit address;
* Address to receive Bitcoin Cash.

If your address for receiving Bitcoin Cash is an address in exchange, please directly contact customer service of the exchange.

Input Check

Please submit the recovery information after the input check is passed, otherwise, we will not process it.

Submit information
Email: [email protected]


*Prerequisite Knowledge
*Information Preparation
*Operation Procedure

Prerequisite Knowledge

Mnemonic code for wallet: usually consists of 12 or 24 words.
Regain your wallet: use mnemonic code to restore your wallet.
Public key with Bitcoin Cash for Segwit address: to find the public key for a specified address.

Information Preparation

Operation Procedure

1. Download Electrum Wallet

Download link
Download this wallet according to your operating system on your Windows, macOS or Linux.

2. Prepare mnemonic code for wallet

In normal conditions, when you create a wallet, APP will remind you to back up the mnemonic code, which consists of words or letters. This mnemonic code can help wallet users to restore their wallet, or import all the data into other application. Now, please find the backups of mnemonic code, you will use it later.

3, Use mnemonic code to import data into Electrum wallet

(1) Click “Next” to create a default wallet;

(2) Select “Standard wallet” then click “Next”;

(3) Select “I already have a seed” then click “Next”;

(4) Input your wallet mnemonic code, based on the type of mnemonic code, select the type, usually it’s “BIP39 seed”

(5) Warning: enter correct Path of HD wallet then click “Next”

Usually set as default m/49'/0'/0',such as Ledger Wallet,bitpie

If your wallet is Trezor Bitcoin Wallet, you should notice Account [number], enter appointed Path in accordance with number.

Trezor Wallet Help

For example,
If the Segwit address which received BCH by mistake is in Account 0, enter Path with m/49'/0'/0';

If the Segwit address which received BCH by mistake is in Account 3, enter Path with m/49'/0'/3';

Other situations m/84'/0'/0', enter appointed Path in accordance with number.

(6) Enter Electrum wallet password, this password is used in Electrum wallet only and irrelevant to the original wallet. Entered the password then click “Next”

(7) Now you have completed data importing, click “Addresses”

If there is no Addresses tab page, please find View - Show Addresses in the menu bar.

(8) Please find Segwit address with BCH in Addresses list, right-click on Details

(9) Copy public keys

(10) Enter your information.

Submit information


1.In what condition the wrong transfer of BCH to BTC address will result in the loss of coins?

(1) BCH transferred to non-segwit address

In this situation, the types of address are generally P2PKH and P2SH, which starting with 1 or 3.

You will not lose the coins as long as you have the private key of the address.

We do not help deal with above situation.

(2) BCH transferred to the Segwit address

In this situation, the types of address are generally P2WPKH and P2WSH, which starting with 3.

You will lose the coins even if you have the private key.

You should contact us ASAP and we can help you.

2.In what condition is there a risk of losing coins?

If you have ever spent BTC on this Segwit address, the public key of the Segwit address has been exposed.

And these BCH will always face the risk of being stolen at any time.

So what should you do? You should contact us in time to help you retrieve it, but we cannot guarantee that it will be retrieved successfully.

By the way, if you have already submitted information to us, please do not use this address to do any transactions to avoid the above situation.

3.How to find the public key of the Segwit address?

(1) The Segwit address belongs to an exchange or a centralized wallet

Please contact the exchange or wallet service provider to help you export the public key of the Segwit address.

(2) The segwit address is owned by a decentralized wallet

If you can’t directly export the public key of the address in the wallet, and you have the mnemonic phrase for the wallet.

. Please refer to the above Operation Procedure to find the public key of the Segwit address.

4.If the Segwit address is a multi-signature address, what you should notice?

Please provide all the public keys of the address and mark the number of signers needed to unlock the wallet, such as 2-3,3-4,etc.

5.If the public key you provide is an extended public key, such as xpub,ypub, what you should notice?

Please mark the derivation path of the extended public key as follows:

6.What types of public keys can we handle?

General public key:

start with 02,

start with 03,

Extended public key:

start with xpub,

start with ypub,

7.In addition to providing the public key of the Segwit address, what other information can be provided?

You can also provide the redeem script of the Segwit address, as follows: