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The November 15 Bitcoin Cash hard fork will provide no replay protection. We, as, want to make sure to protect users’ digital assets in any condition. Therefore will provide Bitcoin Cash (BCH) from its mining operation (coinbase transaction, note: not company Coinbase) to offer users replay protection. The total amount is: 0.00001 BCH

Replay protection operation procedure:

1.Enter your BCH address, accept terms and click submit, payment screen: Pay 0.001 Bitcoin

2.Wait to receive 0.00001 BCH sent by

3.Prepare a new address. This address must be a new one without any transaction record and balance

4.Sweep the full balance (must include 0.00001000 BCH sent by of your wallet to a new address. Check if your wallet can sweep the full balance and make sure the new 0.00001 BCH is included in the transaction.

5.Replay protection is complete after transfer was successfully.


1.Users will receive BCH from at 3:00 pm (Beijing time) every day. All the above steps must be completed to gain replay protection.

2.You need to make an account with to be able to track your order. To ensure the effectiveness of replay protection, please make sure you send your full balance, including the 0.00001000 BCH you received from

3.You can do this process before the fork as a pre-order or after the fork at any time. In both case, you will only receive the new BCH after the fork.

4.Once you completed this procedure, click “order list” and if you see your transaction there, it means that you have now replay protection for these funds.


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